Food Emojis, Eat with Your Eyes

Food Emojis, Eat with Your Eyes

When food is more than food…it’s life!

The written language has gone from writing letters, to emailing to texting and now simply communicating through little, yellow icons, whose meaning can sometimes be up to interpretation.

Maybe you saw an article or two about the recent emoticon roll out:

Huffington Post


Whether you love them or still have questions, those little colorful, bursts of emotions are here to stay and a new batch has recently been rolled out. Enter, new emojis for everyone’s pleasure. In case crying with laughter wasn’t good enough, now you can roll on the floor with laughter and pick countless professions to emote with. Whether you are looking for a clown, rollercoaster, beach, snowflake or sports emoji, they are all there. But let’s get to the most important emojis of all, the food emojis.

Food emojis have been pretty solid over the years, but there have been a few major eats missing, even hashtags emerged campaigning for more food based emojis.

To celebrate the newly released food emojis, I am picking my favorite recipes featuring the new stars. Cook, eat and share your favorites and in case your tight on time, there is now an emoji to help communicate your best dishes. Nom on.

Special thanks to for the icons below:

Avocado Fries


Caesar Salad with homemade croutons 

Carrot Top Pesto

Potato Tart


 Comment below with your favorite food emoji!

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