Summer in the Pantry

Summer in the Pantry

I am down to my last jar of winter sauce from my summer tomatoes and already counting the days until August to make more! I’ve been saving the last jar for an epic tomato dish,  but the more I save it, the less I want to use it.

The experience this summer jarring tomatoes was so memorable and exhilarating; the smells and flavors stayed with me all winter long with each jar I opened. With each opening, a new empty jar was born. With each jar that is opened, summer aromas fill the air and as it is paired with garlic and olive oil, the summer warmth and sun fills the kitchen for a few moments.

As the jars  piled up, I use them as containers for bulk items like popcorn, cashews, sunflower seeds, lentils, dark chocolate almonds etc. Not only do the jars provide a nice seal on the items to live in your pantry, they look pretty and save on plastic, it’s a win, win.

This early April and the launch of Earth month, reuse a jar for something you keep in your kitchen, comment below with how you reuse your glass jars.

As I prepare to use my last summer tomatoes, I need to think of a new item to store in a vessel that was so lucky to house summer tomatoes. For now, popcorn sounds like a good idea.

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