DeKalb Market Hall- A Veggie Guide

DeKalb Market Hall- A Veggie Guide

The much anticipated food hall has opened downtown Brooklyn, in case you haven’t heard the hype from Eater, The NY TimesDeKalb Market Hall themselves or others. Nonetheless, it is here and on opening night, it did not disappoint.  The location is easily accessibly, spacious and perfect for the after work, weekend, anytime crowd. It literally has something for everyone. The neon signs, wooden stalls and clean decor invites you in via the downstairs escalator and makes you forget about everything else above ground, except food.

Here is the veggie guide to the DeKalb Market Hall:

Two Tablespoons– The veggie pop up gaining a place at the NY food scene table has a permanent spot at DeKalb and the choices are endless. Tofu rice wraps anyone?

Guss’ Pickles– When in Brooklyn, eat pickles…and these are some of the best. It’s like the farmer’s market comes inside, year round. Taste and stock up. Oh, and Guss’ has been around sine 1910, so that brine is, you could say legendary.

Brooklyn Juicer- A perfect clean choice while deciding on all the great eats.

Home Frite– Because french fries. In a cone. Always.  (And it’s fried in veggie oil, yeah!)

Bunsmith– Has veggie and vegan options, P.S. ask about the bread because some have milk powder. The first night they weren’t selling sides, but I will be back for the cauliflower nuggets and tofu shiitake!


Find another great veggie eat? Comment below! Enjoy and nom on!

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