Simple Kale Salad

Simple Kale Salad

As we ease into slightly cooler days with lingering summer evenings, the farmers’ markets hold onto tomatoes like little gems among the apples and squash.

Paired with a veggie burger, grilled corn or roasted potatoes, this kale salad compliments anything and is super simple to make.

1 bunch of Tuscan (dinosaur) kale
1 pint of baby tomaotes
Sprinkle of pink salt
Half a lemon
Ranch dressing ingredients
Cashew ‘parmesan’¬†ingredients

Wash and dry the veggies
Thinly slice the kale, squeeze the lemon and massage well
Quarter the tomatoes, sprinkle with salt
Combine the kale and tomatoes in a large bowl
Pour the ranch dressing over the salad
Sprinkle with cashew parmesan
Serve and enjoy!

How do you hold onto summer? Comment below!

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