Feature Friday- Farmer's Markets

Feature Friday- A summer of Farmer’s Markets!

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It’s almost been a full week of summer and what better way to embrace the warmer weather and sunshine than pursuing farmer’s markets, cooking up fresh veggies, fruits and sharing great recipes! This week I want to feature the hard work of farmer’s everywhere, who hold local and seasonal food to be of high importance and make it their mission to bring fresh produce to cities, towns and homes near you. Recently I brought elementary aged students to the Grown NYC Union Square farmer’s market where they spoke with farmers, learned that they wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning to start their day of bringing their products to the city and spoke about the importance of fresh and local food. It’s a movement everywhere and it is up to us to seek them out, support small business and cook great food.

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Pictured above: Some of my most recent gems, blueberries (I am thinking jam!, beets, to be roasted, tomatoes, for snacking!)


A look ahead: This summer I plan to start a little project at my local farmer’s market, it’s a secret for now, but stay tuned for details in the next few days! Hint: It’s about sharing great recipes;) Are you surprised?

Traveling this summer? Following abroad?, CNN lists the top ten of the world’s best farmer’s markets.

Share a picture or story about your favorite farmer’s market! #simplywithout #farmersmarketlove