Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

I have always loved spring rolls and dumplings, something about the edible wrapper, crunchy
vegetables inside and a sweet or spicy dipping sauce to dunk your roll into. Although I enjoy eating them, I have never made them and to be honest was intimidated by the thought of soaking the wrappers, stuffing the filling and rolling tightly enough to prevent a rip or leak in the roll! A memory of making raviolis when I was little flooded back to me where I worked so hard to make the dough, stuff the little package and then watched the filling become one with my boiling water in the pan. I remember watching the pasta dough float along in the pot and felt defeated. This time, it would be different! 

Handful of carrots
Three scallions
Handful of shiitake mushrooms
Rice paper wrappers (they come solid, don’t be afraid, they will roll)
Bowl of warm to hot water

For the marinade:
1/2 Cup rice vinegar
1/4 Cup Tamari
Sriracha I never measure, just go with your spicy taste!

Lay out everything you will need.
pre spring rollsChiffonade, love this word, (fancy for chop long and thin) your carrots and scallions.
Place sliced veggies in a bowl and pour over vinegar, Tamari and sriracha.
Mix and let marinade for about 20 minutes.
Meanwhile, chop the mushrooms and sauté in a little white wine.
Add mushrooms to marinating veggies and drain liquid into separate bowl.

marinating spring roll veggiesPrepare a clean dry surface and get ready to roll.
One at a time, soak a wrapper in warm to hot water, submerge until soft.
Take out and lay on surface.
Take a spoonful of  vegetable mixture and place about a third of the way up the wrapper. (Try not to get much liquid in)
Take the bottom of the wrapper and fold over the vegetables and tuck, slowly roll the wrapper, tucking in the sides until a roll is formed.
Set aside and repeat until desired rolls are formed.

Dipping Sauce
Mix the left over marinade with your favorite chili sauce and dip away!
For a fancy presentation, separate the chili sauce from the marinade and let friends add their own spiciness.  Share your success story!

spring rolls*Note* My first one completely fell apart, but I was determined not to allow my ravioli memory repeat itself. I kept calm and tried again.  There was too much liquid so I made sure the next ones were drier and they rolled better. A couple holes happened again, but once used to the technique I was on a roll;)