Scrambled Eggs, Vegan


The Follow Your Heart VeganEgg is a game changer like none other. Welcome back, scrambled eggs, creamy cookies, quiche, frittata and the list goes on. I plan to cook my way through old favorite, traditional recipes that call for an egg or two with this revolutionary new product. Until then, scrambled eggs are served:


Follow the package directions carefully, I break it down here:

Two vegan eggs per person, 2 level Tablespoons= one egg
1/2 cup of COLD, this is important, water per egg
Any add ins you like, scallions, red onion, Daiya cheese for a creamy ‘cheesy’ egg dish

Combine the egg powder with the cold water and whisk until creamy, yes, it even starts to smell like eggs!
Pour mixture into a hot skillet
Once it begins to bubble, lightly mix with a fork to create small pieces
Add in whatever extras you like
After about 6-8 minutes they will be ready
Serve with salt and pepper and your favorite condiments

Welcome back eggs, welcome back.

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